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 DIRECTOR: Cory Finley 

WRITER: Mike Makowsky 

PRODUCERS: Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Edie Vaisman, Julia Lebedev, and Oren Moverman 

CAST: Hugh Jackman 

GENRE: True Crime 


 In the affluent New York neighborhood of Roslyn Heights, Frank Tassone reigns as the superintendent of one of the leading public-school districts in the nation. 

Along with his aide de camp Pam Gluckin, Frank has raised millions of dollars from an adoring public and transformed Roslyn into the pride of Long Island, complete with record-breaking test scores, unparalleled Ivy League admissions and skyrocketing home values. 

On the verge of bringing Roslyn to number one in the nation, it appears as though nothing can stop Frank’s ascent. 

Until it is revealed, mere months later, that the school district had fallen victim to the largest corruption scandal of its kind in history – a theft to the tune of $11.2 million dollars. 

Neighbors at each other’s throats. Student reporters breaking news bombshells. Educators led out in handcuffs. And at the center of it, in the eye of the storm – Frank Tassone. 

How did the model civic leader fail to protect his town from the worst kinds of sin and shame from near-total collapse? 

…and what secrets does he himself have to hide?