Starring: Jamie Dornan, Guillaume Canet
Directed by: Richie Smyth
Written by: Kevin Brodbin
Produced by: Alan Moloney

Jamie Dornan (50 Shades of Grey, The Fall) and Guillaume Canet (Tell No One, Jappeloup, The Beach) star in JADOTVILLE, a tense, action-filled geo-political thriller set against the backdrop of war, with at its heart a true story of extreme heroism, concealed by the United Nations for over forty years. 

Set at the dawn of the Cold War under the looming threat of another world war, 150 untested UN peacekeepers led by Commandant Quinlan (Dornan) find themselves unexpectedly caught in the epicenter of a heated global conflict between vying superpowers: they are all that stands between a despotic regime whose allegiances are for sale, and the world's richest uranium mines in Jadotville, the Congo. 

In a battle that was to last 5 days, Quinlan and his men face a formidable force of over 3,000 well-outfitted mercenaries and French Legionnaires led by Falques (Cant) determined to seize control of the mines. As the UN debate the fate of the Congo, our men are utterly abandoned in the field by a failing UN high command led by ineffective bureaucrat Connor Cruise O'Brien protégé of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold whose plane is shot down dead on his way to the escalating conflict. With dwindling supplies and ammunition, Quinlan's steady-handed tactics and heroic resourcefulness under fire earn him not only the full loyalty of his men who entrust him with their lives, but also the utmost respect from his enemy at arms: Falques.

Quinlan faced impossible odds yet brought all 150 of his men home safe; his adversaries suffered 1,400 casualties.