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In an iconic female role alongside those of ERINK BROKOVICH, JOY, or BLUE JASMINE, Sienna Miller plays sassy and courageous Deb, whose love and sacrifice as a young, single mother turns to devastation when her teenage daughter goes missing, leaving her alone with her baby grandson. 

AMERICAN WOMAN stretches across a decade as Deb lives a tumultuous life, cycling between wrecked vulnerability and ferocious determination. She navigates a series of failed romantic relationships while dealing with her exasperated mother and her tightly-wound sister (Christina Hendricks). Throughout her trials and tribulations, Deb remains trapped by her unrelenting search for closure on her vanished daughter. 

Deb’s spirit embodies beauty and grace with her tough, tender yet sexy persona. In all her wild dysfunction, she attacks life’s challenges and finally confronts the unspeakable truth of her daughter’s disappearance. 

DIRECTOR: Jake Scott 

WRITER: Brand Ingelsby 

PRODUCERS: Ridley Scott, Brad Feinstein, Michael Pruss, and Kevin Walsh 

CAST: Sienna Miller, Aaron Paul, Christina Hendricks, and Amy Madigan 

GENRE: Drama