THE SEA OF TREES is a deeply moving story about the destructive, redemptive and healing nature of love. 

Love and loss lead Arthur Brennan (McConaughey) across the world to the Sea of Trees, a dense forest lapping the foothills of Japan's Mount Fuju. Described by many as the perfect place to die, numbed by grief, Arthur enters the depths of the forest and loses himself beyond the guiding ribbons threaded through the trees by many before him. He encounters a Japanese man, Takumi (Watanabe) who no longer wishes to die, yet has lost his way. Unable to leave him behind, Arthur invests all of his remaining energy into saving Takumi and returning him to safety. Their struggle to survive and escape the forest beckons back painful memories of his late wife. In reconnecting to his own story, he ultimately restores his will to live. 


CANNES - Official Selection